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Guided Student Learning

Our Guided Student Learning (GSL) program is designed specifically for students who are independent, self-motivated and organized learners who are attending Running Start, Skill Center, are parenting, or have another life challenge that keeps them from participating in our Core Program. GSL is a FULL-TIME program as each student is responsible for 100 hours a month (minimum) of study, documented and evidenced by worked turned in on a weekly basis.

Students meet for one hour a week, one-on-one, with the advisor. Together the advisor and the student design each class based on the student's learning style. Once this is determined, the student can work as quickly or as slowly as needed to complete the work.

Each student is expected to work to the best of his/her ability with each project/assignment meeting 80% proficiency or better. Credit is only given upon the student completing 100% of the required coursework (no skipping assignments!). Our building and computers are accessible to GSL students every weekday afternoon and all day Wednesday. Each student is completely responsible and accountable for managing their time and coursework; this mirrors the college atmosphere and prepares students to be responsible adults.

All M.E.A.D. students need to meet the same credit, SBAC, and requirements as the rest of the Mead School District. The Running Start program at the community colleges as well as the Skills Center programs are also available to all our students.

M.E.A.D. strives to be a drug-free, alcohol-free environment with an atmosphere that promotes responsibility and respect for each other and the community.