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Our Core program is a learning community seeking autonomy, mastery, and purpose. We learn through experiential, Project-Based Learning. Our students design, develop, implement, and present projects that are relevant, meaningful, and tied to state content standards.

Please click here to learn more about PROJECT-BASED LEARNING

Our Core Program is organized in advisory groups of up to ten students, though we sometimes work in inter-core groups and teams, and sometimes as a whole school. Our goal is to provide a safe, accepting, and supportive community where all students feel included, known, and welcome.

Core is a full-time, five days a week program, with Wednesday being a project action day when students are expected to investigate or implement their projects in the community. Every three to three and a half weeks, a new project block begins. Sometimes students do projects as a community or group, and other times they design and execute their own projects. Students in our core program earn half their credits through this project-based process, and the other half of their credits they do independently in the afternoons. 

Each student is expected to work to the best of his/her ability with each project/assignment at 80% proficiency or better. Credit is given upon the student completing 100% of the required coursework (no skipping assignments!). Our building and computers are accessible to Core students 7:30 to 3:00 Monday through Friday.

All MEAD students need to meet the same credit, SBAC, and requirements as the rest of the Mead School District. The Running Start program at the community colleges as well as the Skills Center programs are also available to all our students.

MEAD strives to be a drug-free, alcohol-free environment with an atmosphere that promotes responsibility and respect for each other and the community.

If you have questions about our Core Program, call us at 465-6900.