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Nothing speaks better to our program than our students own success! I have a hard time learning the same way most other do, and being here has truly helped me, not only to learn about school, but also about a different kind of people than I was accustomed to seeing…The most important thing I’ve learned was not actually academic—but human nature…welcomed by everyone. It helped me to realize there really are more good people in this world than I had ever imagined… Trust that everyone here genuinely wants them to succeed, no matter how many times they have fallen behind and felt like giving up. M.E.A.D. has changed me form a girl afraid to trust, into a women who trusts everyone who gives me a chance. I want to thank everyone at M.E.A.D. who has given me that chance and helped me though some very tough time.                                                                                                         —Sydney Sanford, graduate

 I liked the small class size, the more personal and relaxed relationships with the teachers and a more nonjudgmental environment…It was a good and positive experience, and I felt accepted by everyone. I have become more accepting of people, and have gained a better understanding of people.                         —Maisie White, graduate

 The staff at M.E.A.D. understood my frustrations and see past my anger and they didn’t give up on me…I am grateful to all of them for their patience with me…thank you to everyone who stuck with me. —Tanner Thomason, graduate

 I greatly enjoyed me time at mead alternative and appreciated their supportive learning environment. We took field trips to Mt. Rainer and Port Townsend which were two of my favorite highlights from my high school years. It was also great to be able to earn credits i needed to graduate from high school, as well as credits towards collage. I am very pleased with the way my high school years have been unfolded…    —Megan Jameson, graduate

 High school is about learning how to be a productive citizen… I took the hard way through  school and I ended up learning more in the past four years than I could have ever imagined possible. I grew up and matured into the person I am today … I am happy where I am in life and if people can’t accept that, well I don’t want those people in my life…I learned if you just give someone a simple smile, it could make all the difference in the world. I love my life and I can’t imagine it being any other way… I have finished my high school education and I couldn’t be more proud of myself… If it weren't for you guys, I probably would not be standing in front of you today ready to get my diploma. This journey has truly been life changing and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.   —graduate

 Before coming to M.E.A.D, I was unaware of who I was, but now I know completely who I am…I love the kids here—that’s my favorite part. The community nights were fun, and I liked feeling more independent with my schedule. —Megan Sorge, graduate

 The short school days and the Wednesdays helped me focus on my home work. I really wished I could have came here my freshmen year it’s important for the staff to know that the way you guys been running M.E.A.D. made me enjoy going school. With all the service we did in the school changed me into a giving person. —Aleu Aleu, graduate

 My experience at M.E.A.D. was amazing. It changed my life forever… I absolutely loved my time there. Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of that. —Ally Riley, graduate

 It’s the greatest school I have ever decided to go to. The atmosphere at M.E.A.D. Is very welcoming and family-oriented… the teachers didn’t just help with your schoolwork, but helped you with life problems. I don’t drink anymore…some things I think I am going to take with me are definitely a lot of good memories and communication skills. —graduate

“[M.E.A.D.] has been the best decision I have ever made...Not only have I completely changed my ability to get my work done, I have also grown up and discovered many things about myself. M.E.A.D. is a great place for other students like me. It’s not a place for rebellious teenagers (although there are a few); it is a place for students who have no sense of direction. The teachers and staff at this school get to know you on a personal level and go out of their way to help.” --graduate

“My three years at Mead Alternative have been the best three years of my life. I have accomplished more than I could have anywhere else, and I couldn’t have done it without the staff. I feel they gave me that extra push whenever they noticed I needed it. The independence at our school has been the best; being able to work freely, not at a desk, and being able to learn in each of our own way was great.
    ...No matter who you are, as long as you’re willing to accept a little change you’ll love this school. We are like family and I can come to school and talk openly about things...I can have fun at something I so highly dislike such as math, and I can be so comfortable with everything and everyone. I used to be quite shy and quiet; I certainly am not anymore, and it is just because the staff helped me take the small steps out of my comfort zone.”   --Cody Griffiths, graduate

“You all helped me, even if it was with a simple, ‘Hey there, Mason. How are you today?’ or convincing me to go on a trip when a lot of bad stuff was happening at home, or even just saying hello and smiling at me every single morning. Without this school I know where I would have been in a few years and it isn’t pretty to think of. Without you, I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today...You helped me put away childish behaviors and grow into a young adult who has high hopes and a bright future full of promise...Thank you for being who you are and the people I want to be like someday.” --Mason Hagel

“Thank God for you stepping in and helping me. Without this school, I would not be where I am today and I am so happy to know that a school has that much to give and all they ask is that we do our work. If we need help, they will go out of their way to do anything to help you out!”   --graduate

“The staff helped me overcome bad habits and anxiety problems. I have talked to strangers about our school and I tell them it’s a great place to help students who need that extra push...I loved this school and would recommend it to anyone who needs that extra support.”   --graduate

“The staff has done a thing here unlike any other learning environment. Like another parent, the staff of M.E.A.D. cares about their students which could not be more helpful to the students. You try to help us through school and through some of the emotional or give advice with home life the best you can.” --Connor Clark, graduate

“I wasn’t used to such natural kindness from so many different people; it seemed like anybody I talked to was ecstatic to even meet me--quite the switch from my old school...I learned how to treat others, what I want to be as a person, and how to carry saved my life; I can guarantee I wouldn’t be here if not for M.E.A.D.”   --graduate

“Having one-on-one time with my teacher is what I needed to keep myself on track...It is a great school for students who want to get back on track or that have trouble with normal high school. It is also a lot of fun and very active.

    An important lesson I have learned while at Mead Alternative is to be a good citizen, because we do a lot for the community. Another lesson is how to be a healthy person emotionally and physically; they really helped me learn how to love and take care of myself....I know that if I hadn’t come to this school I would have dropped out, but with this school’s help, I am graduating!”   --Ayla Hartnett, graduate

“You get to work at your own pace and no one is being rude or making you feel bad about your work. In addition, there is little to no drama at the school, which is great for me because that was my problem at other high schools. Everyone is very friendly and makes you feel like you are part of the team. The teachers always listen to what you have to say and at other high schools, that is not always the case.”   --graduate

“You have a lot of fun while learning and earning credits, and it’s like family. Two or three of the most important lessons I’ve learned while being here would have to be self control...I also learned commitment to come to school every day. Another [lesson] is integrity, and to get things done that I needed to get done.”   --graduate

“It’s a supportive school where you have to make decisions for yourself and your education is in your own hands. You have to choose not to do drugs to go there and you have to...want no drama to continue going there. M.E.A.D. helped me to learn that I am an important individual who is allowed to have my own goals and dreams...I think that making the choice to go here was one of the most life-changing things I have consciously decided to do.”   --graduate