MEAD Alternative High School

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How To Apply

MEAD is a choice school.
We accept students who have made the choice to make changes in their lives, and we are here to help them with that change.
The first step is to come in and speak with our staff. We will sit and chat and get to know you and your story. Every person is unique and we like to have the opportunity to explain how our school may fit in the big picture.
Next, we have an application process. The application contains both standard Mead School District forms as well as some unique M.E.A.D. forms to help us get to know you better.
After the application has been completed, we will then schedule an interview for you. During the interview, a staff member will sit down and go over all of the information we have gathered and ask questions, first with the student, then with the parent.
A successful student at M.E.A.D. will:
  1. Be open and willing to change
  2. Want to be a part of something bigger than themselves
  3. Be an independent worker
  4. Have a good attitude
Click here for the Mead School District Forms