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Philosophy » Welcome Letter from Principal

Welcome Letter from Principal

Our vision statement at M.E.A.D. is “live the change today.” Life is full of challenges and obstacles. Sometimes we need to make a change within ourselves to be healthier and happier. Ask yourself, “What am I doing today to overcome the obstacles in my life?”

We operate under the authority of the State of Washington and the laws pursuant to an alternative learning experience (ALE, WAC 392-121-182).

Students at M.E.A.D. learn through experiential, Project-Based Learning. This gives us the opportunity to customize a student’s education. Every person is unique, and we like to give that uniqueness a chance to shine.

We are proud to provide a whole-student approach to education. We are a community, and we strive to establish personal relationships with every student. By empowering our students to make a positive difference in our community, we instill a sense of value and responsibility that can carry them into the next phase of their lives.